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  • 90 to 95% of your target market use smartphones (ie: iPhones or Android phones) and they spend relatively more time with it than with their personal computers. (you don’t see a lot of people stuck on their laptops more than their smartphones while on the go, right?)

  • About 65 to 80% of this number is familiar with QR codes and how they are used. The remaining people who don’t will surely be able to catch up easily as this requires zero technical skills at all. (c’mon, it’s practically point-and-scan!)

  • This is a relatively new technology that will most certainly catch up with the marketing community in no time at all what with the main tool used to scan and read QR codes in smartphone app form! (just think “Angry Birds!)

  • With this, instead of reaching your target audience only when they’re in front of their PC, you’ll be able to get customers to watch your video from practically anywhere! (as long as your QR code is there and they have network coverage, your marketing video will just be a scan away!)

You And Your Business Will Be Right In Front Of
A Video Marketing Revolution!

You’ll be jumping light years ahead of your competition and you’ll be securing a wider customer base.

Just imagine…

…Before TV ads, the main way by which business owners advertised their products was through flyers and word of mouth.

But as soon as television advertisements became in vogue, things dramatically changed and those who jumped first into the bandwagon enjoyed prime rewards than those who were initially skeptical.

We are in the middle of the same marketing revolution with QR codes!

And with Hipscan Professional Services, you get to be among the pioneers!

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We Can Create Highly Converting Custom Videos
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Right after you signup, one of our top-class marketing analysts will talk to you about your business and the general direction you’d want to take on your promotion.

Based on that, a marketing plan will be developed and presented to you for approval.

As soon as you give us the green light, our team of well-trained and highly skilled professionals starts work on your custom marketing video right away.

Just after 10 days (or less!), we’ll be ready to present to you your custom video for final approval.

After which, we can begin the main phase of the promotion which is to tie this custom video with your Hipscan and get it to as wide an area as possible. And your video will also help you obtain better search engine results as a result of our Video SEO program!

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