Widen Your Target Audience With Mobile Websites
Accessible With Hipscan!

Get More Customers Right At Your Doorstep
By Bringing Your Business Right At Their Mobile Devices!

With daily essential gadgets such as iPhones and Android phones becoming more and more widely used as a means to access the web, businesses should adapt accordingly in order to take advantage of this opportunity to broaden their marketing range.

With Hipscan Professional Services, we can help you create mobile websites for your business specifically designed to be accessed through QR codes scanned using most mobile devices.

  • This relatively new technology has been proven to be a highly cost-effective way to conduct mobile marketing in terms of ROI and meeting performance projections. (it has relatively lower cost and way higher income potential)

  • It drastically broadens the reach of your marketing efforts as it actually brings your business to your customers (practically every smartphone user now qualifies as a potential client!)

  • This also capitalizes in the huge smartphone app market since QR code scanners come in the form of smartphone apps (this is a great way to take advantage of a current fad in your marketing campaign)

  • No need to rely on your web-based marketing efforts lying in wait for customers to come online on their PCs or to rely on your customers to remember to check your site out after they see it on the TV or somewhere else. (With QR codes, as soon as they scan it, their mobile device automatically takes them to the custom mobile website, thus making the marketing process smooth, uninterrupted and brimming with urgency!)

This Takes Mobile Marketing To A Whole New Level!

MMS, SMS and other text-based marketing campaigns are not enough because they usually just remind customers to go online and check out a certain website.

With QR codes, as soon as the customer scans it, he is automatically taken to your mobile website to take advantage of a special you’re running, read a review you’ve written, check out an affiliate product you’re selling, try a new service for free – the possibilities are endless!

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We Can Create Custom Mobile Websites
For Your Business Within 48 Hours!

Right after you signup, one of our top-class marketing analysts will talk to you about your business and the general direction you’d want to take on your promotion.

As soon as you give us the green light, our team of well-trained and highly skilled professionals starts work on your custom mobile websites right away.

Within 48 hours, we’ll be ready to present to you your custom mobile website for final approval.

After which, we can begin the main phase of the promotion which is to tie this custom mobile website with your Hipscan and get it to as wide an area as possible.

Don’t Wait. Get Started Right Now!

For a one-time payment of as low as only $299, we’ll create your custom mobile website, tie it in with your Hipscan and get the ball rolling on your viral campaign right away.

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