Get Creative And Spread The Word About
Your Business With Hipscan!

Let’s Get your Hipscan On Flyers, Real Estate Signs, Postcards, Direct Mail Campaigns,
T-shirts, Stickers And Practically Everywhere!
So Everyone Can Find Out About Your Business.

The rule for widening your customer base has remained unchanged through time…

…Get the word on your business out and let it spread like wildfire.

Hipscan Professional Services can help you take advantage of QR code technology to reach more people on a wider scale than ever before with our custom graphics solutions.

  • Get your customers to involved by getting them to scan QR codes in your promotional materials (the simple act of scanning a QR code is already a part of the pre-qualification process which aims to engage your customer)

  • Create a multi-dimensional image for your business by incorporating your Hipscan onto various media (we can put your Hipscan on flyers, posters, inserts, postcards, stickers, signs, t-shirts and anywhere else where we can print!)

  • Make your giveaways and freebies market for you (if you’re planning to give away various items as a marketing strategy, make sure your giveaways actually DO marketing by adding your Hipscan)

  • Get your business to take advantage of the QR code madness and get a solid foothold on your market (more and more people are becoming interested in QR codes so you need to catch their attention now while it’s still hot)

Creative Marketing Just Got More Creative!

People take their smartphones equipped with QR scanner apps everywhere.

What does this mean to you?

It means get your Hipscan in as many places as possible and the chances of it being scanned by prospective customers has just grown exponentially!

Whatever your marketing needs are and wherever you want to have your Hipscan printed on, we’ll find a way to bring it to you and make your marketing dreams a reality.

Wanna know what kinds of media we can put your Hipscan on? Click here.
We can create solutions based on your industry and target client!

We Can Create Custom Graphic Designs
For Your Business Within 72 Hours!

Right after you signup, one of our top-class marketing analysts will talk to you about your business and the general direction you’d want to take on your promotion.

Together, you’ll then explore media possibilities where your Hipscan can be incorporated on – whether it’s coffee mugs, t-shirts, flyers, posters or whatever!

Based on what will be agreed upon, your custom graphic designs will be produced and a marketing strategy will be devised for maximum dissemination.

Depending on the project and the type of marketing you’re looking to implement, we’ll create your custom graphic designs, tie it in with your Hipscan and get the ball rolling on your viral campaign right away.

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