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Let’s take your business marketing to the next level with
Hipscan Professional Services.

We cater to a wide range of marketing campaigns,
which we can customize to fit your specific needs.

No matter what kind of business or market you’re in, we here at Hipscan Professional Services will be able to find creative and highly efficient ways to incorporate Hipscan to your marketing campaigns so you’ll get
optimum leverage and maximum returns.


Do You Want Professional Custom Videos To Do Your Marketing For You?

Hipscan Custom Video Marketing Solution

We can have professional quality custom marketing videos created for you within 10 days or less!

Now you can leverage the awesome power of video for your marketing and deliver it to your target audience using cutting edge technology that’s the future of business marketing.

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Do You Want Custom Mobile Websites Your Customers Can Visit On Demand?

Hipscan Custom Mobile Website Solution

Sign up now and we’ll have your custom website up and running within just 48 hours!

You don’t have to wait blindly for your customers to visit your website only whenever they’re online on their PCs. We can bring your website straight to your customers’ smartphones and other mobile devices whenever they scan your QR code.

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Do You Want Maximum Exposure For Your Hipscan?

Hipscan Custom Graphic Design Solution

Choose from a wide array of media where you want your Hipscan printed on!

Give your marketing a much-needed boost with a totally cool twist. Print your Hipscan on flyers, postcards, posters, stickers, stationary, t-shirts, real estate signs, mugs or just about anything you can think of. Use these as giveaways, promo items or for whatever purpose you want and watch your business boom.

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Bring Your Business To Your Customers Using
Cutting Edge Technology That’s Right At
Their Hands – Their Smartphones

Your Hipscan (QR code) can be read by scanners that come in the form of smartphone apps.

With this new marketing trend, anyone who uses a smartphone is now a potential customer.

Just imagine how much wider and broader your market will be once you harness the power of Hipscan.

The possibilities are endless!

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